How did OKMO Portal Power Station come about?

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Portable Power Staion OKMO from

In order to pursue the determined goal to power people's lives during the power outage and provide emergent power supplies on camping trips, OKMO's parent company was established in 2000 and is a pioneer in the power storage solutions industry. In 2018, a former Apple battery engineer joined and founded OKMO in Silicon Valley, dedicated to providing outdoor green energy solutions for explorers. Therefore, OKMO launched the OKMO G series in 2020. Today, as the top product in the portable power supply industry, OKMO has become a firm backing for our customers to explore more in their lives, whether indoor or outdoor.
Portable Power Staion OKMO from

With continuous improvement and innovation, OKMO is pursuing to become a sustainable global leading company. In the past 21 years, with its accumulated technology and experience, OKMO has firmly established its position as a professional power storage system manufacturer.
OKMO is not just a company, but a company created by those who live to the extreme. OKMO believes that with the continuous revolution, life can become better and freer.
OKMO is deeply influenced by Apple's slogan "Think differently" Be an innovator; a dreamer. We believe that our design embodies this spirit. They are born to take risks, to create and to dare to break the rules.
Portable Power Staion OKMO from

By improving product design, OKMO created a unique design identity internally. The attention and inspiration from global design trends have brought them to the forefront of power stations. We believe in high-quality craftsmanship without gimmicks. We work with the best people to get the best. Then we sell the best products at the original price. This is a very simple system that is the core of all products we manufacture.

In the future, we are working hard on bringing more durable and reliable power supply products to people from all over the world.

OKMO, the Power Specialist around You.


Bundle Image
OKMO 2220Wh 2000W Peak 5000W Portable Power Station with 2X OS 100W Emergency Power
OKMO 1110Wh 1000W Peak 2000W Portable Power Station with 2X OS 100W Solar Outage power
G2000 OKMO Portable Power Station 2000W 600000mAh 2220Wh Backup Portable Generator
OKMO G1000 Portable Power Station 1000W 300000mAh 1110Wh Backup Battery 200W
Product Bundle G2000 + 2 x OS100 G1000 + 2 x OS100 OKMO G2000 OKMO G1000
AC Output 2000W 1000W 2000W


Capacity (Power Station) 2220Wh 1110Wh 2220Wh 1110Wh
Peak power 5000W 3000W 5000W 3000W
2 x 100W Solar Panels - -
Number of Output ports 10 10 10 10
Solar Charging Cable - -
MPPT Controller
Solar Input 200W Max 200W Max 200W Max 200W Max
Package Ship Separately: 2 Boxes Ship Separately: 2 Boxes 1 Box 1 Box



This item portable power station provides high capacity up to 1110wh 300000mAh , which can provide you with up to 2 or 3 days of power supply in the case of sudden emergency power outages
OKMO portable power station can meet your battery supply needs when you are on camping or outdoor dinners Suitable for mobile phones, tablets, cameras, lights, coffee machines, drones, mini projectors, mini refrigerators, portable ovens and coffee machines, etc Have more fun on your entertainment time during outdoor camping parties
Recharge your OKMO portable power station from an AC outlet, your car, or the solar panel power generator.
Fast recharging capabilities enables you to continuously keep your devices powered and connected, even while it's recharging.
Recharge by: Solar (with MPPT), AC, Car outlet, PD
OKMO product uses automotive grade 3C high C rate batteries, based on the industry leading safety and reliability design The battery energy utilization rate can reach 95%, while most other products can only be 85%
The OKMO portable power station is a reliable, versatile, and portable power supply to keep your family protected and connected at home.
It serves as an emergency backup battery power station to charge your electronic devices and operate your home appliances in disasters and accidents.

Portable Power Staion OKMO from


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